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avant Reading Marathon

Although as rare an occasion as a major soccer event, the Erlangen International Comic Salon sure enough returns in 2014, from June 19 to 22! The avant reading marathon definitely constitutes one of the program's various highlights. In five short and sweet, witty and funny, yet enthralling readings, German comic artists present their literary projects with the Berlin-based avant publishing house.

Among the already published comic highlights Simon Schwartz's "Vita Obscura" is featured, just as "Lauter Leben!" by Mikael Ross, a publication so recent the ink will barely be dry when it premieres at this 16th International Comic Salon. Future projects such as Jan Soeken's provincial farce "Friends" are being presented, whereas Jan Bauer reads from his widely reviewed comic "Der salzige Fluss". Salon visitors might recall Felix Pestemer's much acclaimed debut "The Dust of the Ancestors" from the exhibition the year before last. During the avant reading marathon, Pestemer delivers an audio performance – in both word and noise – of the peyote trip from the book's finale. Subsequently, and along with co-author Robin Jahnke, Pestemer allows a peek at their 2015-project “Hertha Hindenburg – Too Big to Fail”.

avant-Lesemarathon (avant Reading Marathon)
Saturday, June 21, 5.30 to 7.00 PM

Rathaus (City Hall)
91052 Erlangen
Room # 117, 1st floor.

Free admission with a Salon ticket!

Flyer avant-lesemarathon

The Very Last Trick

Even as "bits post mortem" Max & Moritz do not find their peace - on the contrary, now the whole issue becomes sanguinary!

Below you find the online version of the truly very last trick of the two: An improvised and live performed grand finale for the scalawags, invented at the drawing performance in the Wilhelm Busch Museum on 16th of february 2014 (Storyline and drawings: Felix Pestemer, Interventions: Stepan Ueding).

Here you can read a short review about the museum festival on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Max & Moritz, a little article from the Hannoversche Allgemeine (17th of february) and an interview by Stefan Svik (ComicRadioShow) with Stepan Ueding and Felix Pestemer (after their second drawing session).


"Gosh! This stuff is growing like blazes!! Who the fuck put the lab rat in there!?"

'Hertha Hindenburg - Too Big to Fail' / Felix Pestemer & Robin Jahnke - as of 2015 available in comic bookstores
'Hertha Hindenburg - Too Big to Fail' / Felix Pestemer & Robin Jahnke - as of 2015 available in comic bookstores

What made the Fat Lady such a Colossus?

'Creaky! Cracky! ... Naughty Tricks - Draconian Punishments'

On February 16th, 2014, starting at 11 a.m., a museum festival will take place at the Deutsches Museum für Karikatur und Zeichenkunst (German Museum of Caricature and Drawings) in Hanover, celebrating the 150th birthday of Wilhelm Busch's bad boys and marking the opening of the exhibition Trick by Trick. Also present will be two members of the Dramalight group, comic artists Stepan Ueding and Felix Pestemer, who are going to stage a zombiesque drawing performance.

Live Drawing Performances by Dramalight at the Comics Theater Festival of the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, 2011
Live-Zeichen-Performances von Dramalight bei den Comic-Theatertagen am Maxim Gorki Theater, 2011

Stepan Ueding and Felix Pestemer are beaming Max and Moritz into the present - at a time when it is ultimately too late already! This refers to the fact that their live drawing performance will pick up where Max & Moritz left off: after their last trick. As "bits post mortem" the two malefactors are gobbled up by Master Miller's ducks. However, they will receive an unexpected resurrection at the museum festival. Ueding and Pestemer are adapting well-known motifs surrounding the two boys to modern times here, just to make them appear unfamiliar again in the next stage of this dialogue in drawing. After all, the duel of the two cartoonists is about outdoing each other, trick by trick ...


Wilhelm Busch
Deutsches Museum für Karikatur & Zeichenkunst

(German Museum of Caricature and Drawings)
30167 Hannove

Opening hours:
Tuesday through Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Telephone: +49/5 11/16 99 99-11/16
Fax: +49/5 11/16 99 99-99

Kultursalon Madame Schoscha - On the Topic of "Improvising"

On Tuesday, October 29th, starting at 7:30 p.m., Madame Schoscha presents the topic of "Improvising", using the occasion, inter alia, to consider the question of whether necessity begets ingenuity. The invited artists are: Kitty Hoff (music), Felix Pestemer (comic), Florian Werner (reading), Peter Bernhold (reading) and Olaf Held (film).

Apropos improvising: Felix Pestemer will try to draw a chimera, consisting of diverse animals, mythical creatures, plants or the like, on calls from the audience and on site.

Whenever the Kultursalon Madame Schoscha extends an invitation, many diverse art movements convene to address a given topic. People are singing, reading, playing scenes and mongering secrets. In parallel with the Kultursalon, a monthly column is published under the same title on FIXPOETRY, in which Madame Schoscha and Herr Altobelli use a fictitious exchange of letters to provide insight on their latest discoveries from the world of art and from everyday life.

The founding years (2009 to 2011) have been covered by Kathrin Schadt and Christian Ingenlath, organizers and presenters of the event, in the anthology "Ragufeng" (tauland-verlag), which they edited together. What constitutes a successful evening event in the eyes of the two of them is when an overall picture can arise out of individual impressions. One could compare this to "a kitten tiptoeing towards the milk bowl."

Theater O-Tonart
Kulmer Str. 20a
10783 Berlin - Schöneberg

Admission fee: 9 Euro