Plog Archive 2016

Average Hans

Planning, control, security – these are the (post-)Prussian virtues Hans Knirsch appears to embody better than anybody else. Yet, it only takes a tiny bit more than the departure of Hans’ spouse Helena to a health resort in order to dramatically alter his experience of the conditio germana. This tiny bit manifests itself in the form of a screw falling out of his nose. In analogy to his nasal emission, a deeply disturbed Hans begins to feel as out of place as the little piece of metal on his breakfast table. Knirsch subsequently loses control over his life and, thus becoming a plaything of coincidence, embarks on an aimless road trip through Germany. While problems are piling up around him, he imperceptibly closes in on the solution of his real conflict.

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Around the globe in 20 conflicts

The End of History? Peace on Earth?

Think again! The world is in flames and we are in the midst of it. Conflicts are when diverging perspectives collide. This is always related to a particular standpoint. And the point on which one stands determines the individual angle of view.

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"Beer. All about Thirst" Book Release and Exhibition at the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

"Karlsquell Edel-Pils", the icon of German beer culture which for decades had been the most inexpensive beer in Germany (and probably the whole world), once had an own anthem dedicated to it by the punk band Slime. Then a can deposit was introduced in Germany, which brought about the tragic demise of Aldi's home brand.

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